Welcome to our coop  (est 1982)

An old rooster and a cute chic live here


The rooster may rule the coop, but the hen rules the rooster!

The rooster crows but the hen delivers.


Laying an egg is not an easy task, cause we’re not spring chickens anymore.

     Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs


I can rise and shine but not at the same time.

You have to wake up with the chickens, cause a chickens work is never done.


This chicken is pooped.

Hope you and your roosters are having plenty to cluck about

The last one in, is a rotten egg.

Feelin’ cooped up? Must be time for a hen party.

Putting on my thinking feathers

What happens at the coop, stays in the coop.


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  • Grandma says:

    Janice love the country chickens it is so French….my favorite is the table, because of the silverware.
    You have done a wonderful job…so entertaining love mama.

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