Break down the door prices going on now!

Black Friday shopper… if necessary, I will push, shove, grab, tickle & yell.

Shop ‘til you drop

Shopping on black Friday is very dangerous and should only be considered if you are in good health. Check with doctor before participating.

I’m only a morning person on Black Friday.

Get your store map for Black Friday, deals available on Black Friday only, unless otherwise stated…while supplies last

“WAS” prices are in effect on Black Friday only and vary in the United States. Local prices may vary. See store for details.

Check back for a preview of deals available only on Black Friday, unless otherwise stated.

Limited quantities, approximately four available per store

Up to 50% off, low prices not guaranteed

Deals may appear better than they actually  were.

Price matches and adjustments on competitor ads will not be allowed for prices from Thanksgiving Day through the entire week after Thanksgiving.

Certain products are available at advertised price only for a few hours and then go up in price.

Door buster specials stay boxed up, wrapped up and stored up high… out of reach until Friday

If you need a jolt of caffeine while you’re waiting in line, McDonalds is open at 1a.m. on Black Friday. You can get yourself an iced coffee.

25% off select styles, big savings, lowest price ever, big savings and no waiting, payments must be completed by PAYPAL within the hour. Tax is determined at checkout.

Buy two get 50% off one item, all sales final… no returns, cash only, discount code may be required.

100’s of spectacular door busters, while supplies last, minimum two per store, sales apply only to customers with rewards card.

75% OFF, not including everyday items, limit one per family, certain deals require completion of mail-in rebate.

Free t-shirts must be worn immediately! Please don’t hesitate to see your sales associate for full details.

$2.00 off any $100.00 or more on select purchases, barcode must be visible. See exclusions and details below.

Buy one item and receive any second item 20% off, may cause allergic reactions, must be 21 years or older.

Senior discounts given on purchases of $100.00 and more, restrictions may apply.

** Deals marked with asterisks (**) are limited supplies and no rain checks are available on these items.

*** Deals marked with three asterisks (***) will include shipping charges and might be refunded as our store allows. Please enter your social security number in our customer comment area. We will call you if this offer applies to your product.



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  • Sandy Park says:

    WOW I’m worn out just reading all of this. Especially loved “may cause allergic reaction”. This tablescape is JUST SO CLEVER. Must of taken you forever to come up with all of these saying. Glad I don’t do Black Friday. Just wonderful.

  • Kim piscopo says:

    man your imagination just amazes me everytime, this is so fun!!! the color scheme, love the price tags!!!! the shopping cart cute, paper ads genius… love that you are posting your own ,way to go welcome to tech world . your #1 FAN since day one of your creations and always will be! love ya cuz can t wait for the Christmas one!!💖💖🦃🦃

  • Anonymous says:

    Love it!!!

  • Myla says:

    Dear Aunt Janice, once again I love your blog! I love the theme and every intricate detail you used. I love the line “I am only a morning person on Black Friday.” I love the money wreath, the newspaper ads flowing off the table, I love the little shopping cart on the table, and I love your color scheme of red and black. Can’t wait for another one of your blogs!!!!!

    Love, Myla😘

  • Twinda says:

    Really whacky and entertaining. Love the way the black pops against the cream colored kitchen. Having the ads trail off the table is genius.

  • Earnie says:

    Another Amazing Job with this one! It’s just crazy how people have lined up outside our front door just trying to get a peek inside. This one made me extra proud of you because you are now handling the high tech end of uploading and posting the blog too. Earnie may have to get a job on the show room floor and take a pay cut . Love you….

    David AKA Earnie..

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